Thursday, April 9, 2009

Can I get a HECK YEAH!

Um yeah! I cant believe it... So I jumped on the scale on Wednesday and much to my surprise... I've lost FIVE lbs!! PRAISE GOD! It had to be Him because I didn't deserve it! Gee golly I don't even know where to begin!! I'm so happy right now!! I've been chuggalugin H2O like nobodies business!! he he Its awesome! I honestly don't know what to say. If you follow me on twitter (healthyvi) than you could see all my updates on my workouts and such! I've worked out everyday this week! YAY! And I plan to work out everyday (minus Sunday)! I've been doing the shred on level 2. Man that Jillian really isnt playing! I love it! I love when I'm sore the next day because it means I'm actually doing something. Tomorrow I'm going to run 3 miles with two of my favorite ladies in the world! I met them @ my amazing church. LOVE LOVE LOVE them! And you know whats crazy? They say I'm motivating them! Which in turn motivates me to keep on truckin! I mean really, if I can do ANYONE can! On another note, I had to cancel my gym membership BUT its okay. We're going through some things right now and my hubby's gotta get another job lined up. And with the new job we wont be able to afford the $60 we're forkin over to this place. So I'll more than likely be joining Golds gym when my membership expires June 6th. Which is actually really cool because a lot of the girl from my church go there! And they have a daycare there too, so I can go whenever!! YAY! alright I'm rambling now.. and I should get to bed!! I gotta get up super duper early to go for my crazy 3 mile run and be back before my hubby has to go to school at 7:30 am. And make coffee for me and my love and breakfast for the whole fam bam! thanks for reading again if you made it this far! :0)