Monday, August 31, 2009

What, WHAT?!?

Yesterday I got in an AMAZING workout with my deliciously sexy husband. I ran one mile in 9 min 55 seconds [my best time since starting running in december] then did circuit training workout with weights coached by the hubs. After all of that, I wanted to push it to the limit and do one more mile, and so i did. I went harder, and faster and beat my best time!! WOOO! So now it is 9 min and 20 seconds!! I'm so stinkin porud of myself.

Weigh in was saturday: 139.0 MAINTAIN. Bleh. Dont care. I know I'm totally working this! I'm eating well and working out like a maniac.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Been a while..

So much has happened since I last wrote in here.

So much that I can't write about.

I'm back on my grind. Weighed in @ 139.0 on Saturday, so thats great. I was down to 137 @ one point.. and then gained 5 lbs when my mother came to stay for a week. I enjoyed every singleone of those fatty mcfat fat meals she made. But I didnt enjoy how I felt after it all, or the weight I had gained back after working so hard to lose it. Grrr..

So anyways I'm back to running DAILY. Except for Sundays. And I am now also the proud owner of a Wii Fit! <3 YAY. Its pretty awesome. I did it for an hr the other day and I was sore forever! Its not like hardcore cardio workouts ofcourse but it makes you leaner for sure. Its all about good posture and balance, which I deffinitely need improvement in!

Alright my girls have woken up from their mid day slumbers.. And its lunch time!

till next time! <3

Monday, July 20, 2009

Week Recap!

Woooo.. What a week!

Well lets start off with my weigh-in on saturday :

Woot woot! down .4 from last week!! YAY!

And then for the 15 weeks challenge!

We were supposed to do a day of CLEAN EATING, and I did it! I had black coffee for breakfast and heres my lunch and dinner :

Yeah so the pictures wont budge.. GRR.. Anyhoot lunch was eggs with tomoatoes and spinach and lime juice -YUMMOLA!
Dinner was : sweet potato, brocolli, and salmon! another yumm! :)
Also wednesdays challenge was to go outside and run/walk. I do that everyweek but alas I have no pictures because I cant run with my camera or cell phone. Regardless I did do do it! 3 times last week but if I cant count it for the lack of pictures so be it!! <33
Thanks for reading!! <3 God bless!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday !!

Today's my daughters 3rd birthday!
Tomorrow we're gonna have a little BBQ and get a bouncy castle thing for her and her little friends to enjoy! Aww.. I cant believe its been three whole years already!!
anyhoot! I gotta do the the housewife/mommy thing! Get party supplies and the like.. Just wanted everyone to know my babys one year older!
God Bless!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Yeah so I did the tone your triceps work out today. (for the 15 week challenge) Holy Frijole. Seriously my arms hurt now as I type this. She wasnt playing when she made up that workout.

I ran 2 miles this morning with my super hero girlies! <3 I love running with them so much. If it werent for them.. I know I'd be slacking off. Complacent even. But they make me want to push myself. Its awesome! Oh and I also did this little workout clip on youtube. You repeat it 3 times for a 25 minutes workout. That was pretty intense too. If you want a good workout than look up "makingthebest09" on YT.

I've been taking clips of my day everyday and I plan to make a different style of video for my weigh in on saturday. I'm kinda excited. lol I'm probable going to record myself doing some sort of work out here @ home to add to it.

alright peeps I'm out!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Losing it!

I'm so stressed out right now. UGH!

Anyways I dont want to get into why so on to happier thoughts!!

I lost MORE weight! I'm @ 139.4!! WHAT?!! I'm inthe 130's!! I almost fainted when I saw those numbers! lol I dunno what I'm gonna do @ goal! haha

I've been working out like a mad woman. Friday we ran our 5.6 miles, and tomorrow we'll do 3. stickin to my workout plan, and it feels so good! :) okay to bed with me!! <3

oh and I never did the food challenge or the work out challenge for that matter... busy busy busy.. :(

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Heres the scoop!

I got a new scale today! <3>
*** ~142.8~***

YAY! Mind you this was at Noon so thats after breakfast and water and a snack. LOL But ya know what I mean.

I'm going to be weighing in now on sundays. I've joined 2 challenges, one on YT and one on here. :)

The one here is hosted by :

And my next post on here will be our first challenge. FYI. Its to make a sinful food but re create it in a healthier manner. WOOT WOOT! I'm excited! Not sure what I'm making yet but I'll be making it tomorrow!! <3

Sunday, June 28, 2009

New challenge..

So Yeah, I'm basically going to start cutting my calories down to 1000 instead of 1200. And I've still been excersizing regularly. If you follow me on twitter you can keep up with it there! <3 I post what I did for the day there.

Yesterday, the first lady of our church. Came up and said " GIRL! You're getting to skinny!!" LOL I asked her if I had told her how much I loved her lately!! haha Yeah, its pretty awesome getting so many compliments lately. Not only about how I look but about my working out. Some people from church follow me on twitter and keep tellin me I'm crazy for working out so much but that its so inspiring! Gosh that makes me feel SO good!

I weighed myself this morning just for kicks and it said I'm down to 142. WHAT?! I'm in shock! I'm ridiculously close to the 130's!! I dont even know what to say. I'm only 21 lbs away from 120lbs!! THANK YOU LORD!!

I've taken off all the secular music from my iPod. It makes me very happy because I've come a LONG way. I just dont feel right listening to all the stuff I USED to listen to. It makes me feel dirty almost. Call me weird.. I dont care. It makes me proud. I may only be a baby in Christ but I know I'm growing ever so much as the days go by.

This morning I ran our usual three miles with my besties ( Wonderwoman, and SuperWoman!) lol It was awesome, I then went with Superwoman to our little gym and did some light weights. VERY light actually only did 3 sets of 12 of one of my usual arm workouts.

So this is going to be our schedule from here on out:

Mondays: 3 mile run

Tuesday: GYM workout (elliptical & treadmill & weights)

Wednesdays: 3 mile run

Thursday: GYM

Friday: 5 mile run!! :0

We're gonna test it out this week, see how we like it. And if we can all stick to it.. Cant wait to weigh in next weekend!!

Thanks for reading!! <3 God Bless!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I layed in bed last night talking to my husband about my plan to do the fast-5 diet. Yeah, he's totally not cool with it. I dont know what to do now... He is my husband, and I dont want to do anything that goes against his wishes. He's basically saying that no matter what the site says its just starving yourself. Grrr. And here I thought since he LOVES science he'd be all about it. Yeah. Not.So.Much. So whats a girl to do?? I'm really torn. I've been practicing the past few days, just trying to delay meals and such. And I've lost a couple pounds doing so. I mean I'm sure it'll work. I just dont want my husband to be angry or really concerned. Which he is now. He made it a point to say make sure you EAT! today as he walked out the door for work just now.

I woke up late this morning because my baby girl decided to wake up @ 4:30am for a bottle. Anyways, late or not I still went running! And we did 3 miles. I gotta be honest, after the 1st mile I wanted to give up!! Felt sick and dizzy.. NO FUN!! But I kept on trucking! Finished them all and felt great after. I've noticed that since we started running outside.. I just can't get into it on the treadmill anymore.

Alright my girls are in a desperate attempt for attention.. gotta go!

I'll update later.. I really would like some feedback on the fast-5 issue ( hint hint Paula :) ) THANKS!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Alrighty than...

So it begins. I dont know how many times I've said it but I need to get my booty in gear!! Tomorrow I will start the fast-5 "diet". I'm so excited! I'm going to do it no matter what cuz I have a cruise for SURE in august and I gotta lose as much weight as possible before then. And I'm gonna be running a lot more again. I did 3 miles this morning and will be getting up with my favorite running partners (my best girlies *wonderwoman*,& *superwoman*) BTW I've been dubbed Susan storm. Because of my ability to disapear when I'm actually supposed to be waking up and running!! LOL. Thats alright though cuz shes hot! LOL YEAH!! Needless to say, I will no longer be using that super power guys!! I promise to be visible and running along side my girlies everytime they go!! And if they dont go, I'm vowing to atleast hit my little mini gym in the apartments and do the elliptical, oh and after my runs I'm gonna do some light weights! I'm scared the fasting will deplete my big muscles I've been working on. hehe. Yeah so thats the low down.. you are all officially up to date.. EXCEPT.. you dunno how much I weigh.. hmm...

I weighed in this morning @ 144lbs!! YAY! So thats freaking terrific but I wanna be atleast 135 when I leave! So thats my goal! Also I'm going to be posting here more regularly because it'll keep me more accountable. I've been doing my videos but it takes so much time to make and edit videos.. I figure I'll just update this more now. Yeah so thats that!! Look forward to daily updates from me here on out atleast till I reach 135lbs.. and than maybe longer who knows!! <3

Thanks for reading! GOD BLESS!!! <33

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Time to get busy!!

I'm going on a vacation to the beach in August. But this girl is not beach ready. I've gotta get to work.
This past week I've worked out six days in a row! Woot Woot!! So I'm taking today off so I can rest. I've dusted off my slim in six dvd and been doin that the past two days. Holy moly ya'll. The first day I did it I was like PSSSSH that was nothing! I'm gonna do my 30 day shred after, and I did. Woke up sore as can be, or so I thought. Anyways I had taped myself before and after and during, you know the whole 9 yards, so that I can make a video for this contest on youtube about bringing something out that you havent used in ages. Well my smart booty decided to record it holding the camera vertically.. anyhoot. Long story short, I put it on the computer to edit it all up and I cant flip the stupid videos. So0o0o.. I had to re-record everything all over again yesterday. And so today, I cant walk. Seriously. My husband keeps telling me I'm a big baby and need to suck it up. Yeah... Let me just do that real quick.

I've been logging my food @ I guess thats going okay. I'm not very good @ it though. I mean its not hard to understand or anything. It's just so tedious (sp?) and it drives me nuts. But its the only way to know how much I'm eating. I might as well do it since I am on the computer practically all day.. Yeah. So thats what I'mdoing right now. Hopefully doing this and working out like a mad woman will help me lose the last 20 lbs I so despearately want to lose before the years end.

I'm also going to start writing in here more. Even if it isnt always weightloss related. I like journaling my thoughts. Its like therapy without the therapist.

Right now I'm listening to Shanti (antishay on YT) read out of "In Defense of Food" on her new channel antishayreads. Pretty great idea since I dont have the money to throw on another book. So far the books pretty great. Thanks Shanti! lol as if she reads my blog.

Well I'm off for now. Thanks for reading if you made it this far ;)


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hip Hip HOORAY!! <3

So much going on right now. I cant even think of where to start!!

Last time I checked in here I'm pretty sure I was 150lbs. Well I lost another 5 lbs! I'm @ 145! Jeepers mister!! Thats flippin awesome! I'm officially in the 140's and I'm ecstatic! I've lost 30 lbs since December. I'm so proud of me. haha I'm gonna find two pictures to compare my face and such. hmm..

Grr for some reason it isnt showing up! I'll try that again later.

In August we're taking a family vacation to Miami. Well the hubby and I just planned everything out and as soon as I finish this blog I'm buying our tickets!! yay! I'm so excited!! We're going to spend two full weeks there. My mom and sister and basically all my moms side of the family lives there so we're gonna have my mom and sis to meet us in Ft. Lauderdale and we're going to stay there for 3/2nights on the beach @ a resort. My mom and sis are gonna babysit the girls so my hunny and I can have much needed alone time! And what can beat alone romantical time on the beaches of florida?! NOTHING!! Then, we're going to Orlando for another 3/2 nights and ofcourse go to Disney World <3 My most favorite place on earth. THEN, we're going to go on our first ever Cruise.. to the BAHAMAS!! Granted its only a 2 day cruise but WHATEVS! I'm going to the Bahamas!! So we gotta go get Passports!! but more importantly, I gotta lose these last 25 lbs!! ASAP!! I want amazing pictures from this vacay! It'll be our first ever REAL family vacation! I'm so excited!I know I've said that like ten times but I AM! hehehe

Also *~*~

For those believers out there, please pray for my little sister Jackie, She's going through ridiculously hard times right now. Shes graduating next month and she really needs to get out of Miami, but theres so much more to this story that I cant get into. Just please pray for her. For strength and wisdom. And the power to speak what shes feeling. For her healing and for her to grow a hunger for the Lord, because at this momment she REALLY needs him! Thanks so much! God bless!! <33

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Can I get a HECK YEAH!

Um yeah! I cant believe it... So I jumped on the scale on Wednesday and much to my surprise... I've lost FIVE lbs!! PRAISE GOD! It had to be Him because I didn't deserve it! Gee golly I don't even know where to begin!! I'm so happy right now!! I've been chuggalugin H2O like nobodies business!! he he Its awesome! I honestly don't know what to say. If you follow me on twitter (healthyvi) than you could see all my updates on my workouts and such! I've worked out everyday this week! YAY! And I plan to work out everyday (minus Sunday)! I've been doing the shred on level 2. Man that Jillian really isnt playing! I love it! I love when I'm sore the next day because it means I'm actually doing something. Tomorrow I'm going to run 3 miles with two of my favorite ladies in the world! I met them @ my amazing church. LOVE LOVE LOVE them! And you know whats crazy? They say I'm motivating them! Which in turn motivates me to keep on truckin! I mean really, if I can do ANYONE can! On another note, I had to cancel my gym membership BUT its okay. We're going through some things right now and my hubby's gotta get another job lined up. And with the new job we wont be able to afford the $60 we're forkin over to this place. So I'll more than likely be joining Golds gym when my membership expires June 6th. Which is actually really cool because a lot of the girl from my church go there! And they have a daycare there too, so I can go whenever!! YAY! alright I'm rambling now.. and I should get to bed!! I gotta get up super duper early to go for my crazy 3 mile run and be back before my hubby has to go to school at 7:30 am. And make coffee for me and my love and breakfast for the whole fam bam! thanks for reading again if you made it this far! :0)

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Weight wise.. nothings changed.. I lost lb and then some how I found it again. GRrr. Its okay though, I know I'm working hard and eventually I'll be where I want to be. I've been making more videos. Most recently I made one about my muffin top. Yeah. Anyways though, I've been neglecting my poor little blog. So I thought I'd write a little bit about what I've been doing. I bought a mini 4 subject notebook and have been writing down all my exercise. Its pretty cool.. I like it anyway. Here's the first page.. thats full anyway.

Oh and I joined a fitness challenge on YT too. Its the 100 day fitness challenge. Basically I gotta do at least 30 min of exercise daily for, you guessed it, a 100 days! I'm hoping Ill start dropping some weight soon. I mean I have dropped 20 lbs since December but I don't know I just wish I could snap and be fit. I'm thinking about doing the master cleanse. Ever heard of it? Well I really want to do it. I think it'll be a nice boost for my body..and mind for that matter. Since I'm hoping I'll lose a couple lbs while doing it. Also I think I haven't been losing any weight due to the fact that I've been UBER stressed. My husbands going to quit his job soon. So many reasons why and I cant really write about them but yeah. So that.. And I'm going to be working being the bread winner. The woMAN bringing home the bacon.. I'm freaked out. But I know that we need to do this if we want good things to happen.... YIKES! At least I know for sure that this job is a for sure thing.. and I doubt my employers will ever get rid of me.. being that I am their favorite daughter in law!! haha I'll be like the care-taker for my sis in law.. (She has Downs) Any hoot I'm stressed but excited... Sorry I'm pretty sure I rambled a lot but I need to write something down. I'm about to go do my 30 day shred video. I don't want to do it but I'm pretty much ready to be shredded already. SHEESH. I love Jillian Michaels. And I'll leave it at that. Thanks for reading if you made it this far!! <3

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Quick update!!

I made a video on youtube. And I've lost 5lbs over the last two weeks! WOOT WOOT! So there! Even though this past week wasnt as good as it couldve been i still LOST! So yeah I'm excited to say the least! This week I'm busting butt! I'm going to burn @least 650 cals this week and do strength training! hmm... oh yeah.. I joined a gym!! its awesome I love it! It has a daycare so I can go whenever I want!! And two of my friends go there too! Alright I'll write more later! thanks for reading!!

<3 Violet

Friday, February 27, 2009

Youtube and other goodies!

So I made my first of MANY videos to come and posted it on youtube for the world to see. I didnt think i'd ever get brave enough to do it but i did. I've been watching people vlog on there forever now. I've seen people drop weight like crazy and just be human, its so inspiring to watch just normal everyday people losing weight and sharing with everyone. I love how close the weightloss community is on there and I'm pretty excited to e on it. Only one problem, I never really asked how he feels about it, so I might be taking it down and just blogging on here.. we shall see. Umm So I still havent gotten those Jillian Michaels books BUT my dad bought me "Eat This Not That, supermarket survival guide" and Jillian Michaels 30 day shred! woot woot! So yeah I did the video today and it was pretty hard but definitely do-able! I'm so excited! So I'll be doing that for he next 30 days! and I'm going to try to get up butt early and still get my miles in @ the gym. So hopefully I can finally move out of the 160's!!! FOR GOOD! I will be weighing myself on Wednesdays now, and posting new videos that day on youtube aswell. So if you're interested in waching my goofy butt.. yeah! there you go!

Thanks for reading!! <3

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Stuck in a rut!

But I'm comin out of it slowly but surely!! So let me semi recap my last week or so... Valentines day wasnt that bad, I eat well the entire day. My husband was to work all night but he got off early ( 9pm) So I ran around the kitchen like a crazy person and proceeded to whip up some Italian dressing baked chicken breasts, with a side of broccoli and a side of rice. I doubled up on broccoli and skipped the rice. Anyhoot that was fine and dandy except we ate really late. Bleh! Next mornin I didnt get a work out in and went and had steak and a hefty serving of sauted veggies for dinner at my in-laws. Monday I did work out but only did 1 mile instead of my usual 2, Tuesday was the same thing this time because I woke up late and the hubby had to go to school. Wednesday was my hunny's birthday and we ate a chinese buffet. Thats basically where it has gone down hill from there.. I started out well there, I had a huge salad which was delicious, but temptation most definitely got the best of me. I ended up leavin the place feeling over stuffed to the point of wanting to just throw up! I havent done that in a while! It was gross and you would think that would be the end of it but no.... We went to CiCi's Pizza yesterday and I ate like the old me. I wish that girl was just dead and gone for good! Grrrr...

So I'm planning on getting up at the crack of dawn and getting a full hr on the treadmill tomorrow which means actually getting up when my alarm goes off and not hitting that damn snooze button! This weekend I'm going to start my Slim in Six work out videos. I need something else to keep me motivated, I'm guessin just doin the treadmill is boring me and thats why I've been eating like I have and just been in a slump. Oh and the fact that the scale isnt going down a lot. I mean I've been going up and down 5 lbs for the last 2-3 weeks and its driving me insane! I'm ordering a couple of Jillian Michaels' books and hoping that she can kick my butt in gear because I'm doing a pretty crap job of it!! thanks for reading my rambles if you've made it this far!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Asthma.. me jode la vida!

Me and my fabulous family went out and got some new sneakers yesterday! So exciting! I never thought I'd actually be this happy about a pair of sneakers but now that I'm changing my life and excercise is part of my life from here on out.. It makes sense to have some nice supportive and comfy shoes! So yay!! to that!
Last night I went over to a friends house around 8:30pm, I stayed till 11. I am deathly allergic to pet dander. Cats, especially but now dogs get me going too! That said, I know she has like 3-4 cats and a pitbull. But I stayed there that long regardless. I'm an idiot. I figured since we were hanging out in her garage playing her Wii that I'd be alright..Well not so much. All night I had to keep getting up and using my dang inhaler! And then when I woke up this morning at 5:30 with all intentions of working out, Ididn't wuite make it out the door. :( But I'm feeling much better now and I plan on going to workout around 12:30-1 pm. If my darling husband says it's alright. He goes to school full time and also works 20-30 hrs a week as a waiter. I'm really hoping he says it's fine because that IS the girls naptime and therefore he can just relax or catch up on homework while I go break in my new shoes!
I really need to kick up my "diet" part of this. I need to go to the grocery store and re-up on just about everything healthy! And I REALLY need to get on this water thing. I was doing so good up until the day before yesterday.. anywho thats all for now! Thanks for reading!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

It's always something!!

So I've been running with one of my friends like 5 times a week. It's been awesome except for the fact that yesterday as we finished our second mile.. my shins (sp?) started to hurt so I told my husband, just to see if he knew anything about it and what not. Well he said it's because I need new sneakers and I could give myself shin(sp?) splits?? anywho I know what he's talking about now. I've never had them but he has, so yeah. Needless to say he's making me take a WEEK off from the gym. I'm about to have a total melt down. I keep picturing me gaining all the weight back in this one week. I know it's silly and I'm just kidding but it's going to suck not being able to work out. Now that I'm actually enjoying it and looking forward to work outs. BOO! But then again I am getting some fancy shmancy new running sneakers! So next weekend we'll go shoppin and I can get my new kicks! I'll try and put a picture up of them on here too. Because I know everyones excited to see some new fancy new balance zapatos!

side note: At church today about 5 people told me how great I looked!! It was so awesome to hear that my hard work is paying off and not only I can see a difference but so can everyone else!! YAY!

Friday, February 6, 2009


I've decided to start a 21 day challenge for myself that started this morning. They say it takes 21 days for something to become a habit, so I'm setting out to accomplish 3 mini goals.

* Drink 77 oz of water EVERYDAY!
* Run/Walk 2-3 miles a day for 6 days out of the week.
* Do my Slim in Six, Slim and Limber video and Slim in Six pack 6 days/week

I weighed myself tonight and I'm down..drum roll please.. 5 lbs. I'm 155!!! Which brings me 5 lbs closer to my first mini goal of 150!! I'm so ridiculously excited right now! I'm loving this.. I'm so glad everything's clicking in my head now. I know I need to be healthy so I can be a better example for my daughters. I want to be able to run around with them at the park and play sports with out feeling exhausted and like I'm going to die.. I want to feel sexy and see that look in my husbands eyes again, you know the one where you can almost feel how much he loves you and wants you. Yeah, that one.

If I dont blog very often it's because I'm pretty busy most of the day with my kids and husband..friends and LIFE! But I'm going to try to keep posting atleast 3 times a month? and plan to actually use twitter more so you can see how my days go and such.. for whoever is interested..if anyone!! lol

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This body is Under Construction!

I am officially starting a blog to track my journey from fatty to healthy! I'm 23 yrs old and I need to get my butt in gear. I have two daughters ( 2yrs old, and a 10 month old) I have my hands full, yes I know but I love it! I started my little journey in December. I started going to the gym here at my apartments and doing at least one mile on the treadmill, I'm now up to 2 mi. per trip! Woop woop! I go from 6- 6:30 to 7:15 Monday through Saturday. I've been watching what I eat, how much and when. So far I've lost FIFTEEN lbs! Which is freaking awesome and it's keeping me going! I wish to be at my goal (125 lbs) by Christmas this year. I weigh 160 lbs as of today. My next mini goal is 150 lbs. So wish me luck! I'll be posting some "before" pictures as soon as I take some later today hopefully.