Friday, February 27, 2009

Youtube and other goodies!

So I made my first of MANY videos to come and posted it on youtube for the world to see. I didnt think i'd ever get brave enough to do it but i did. I've been watching people vlog on there forever now. I've seen people drop weight like crazy and just be human, its so inspiring to watch just normal everyday people losing weight and sharing with everyone. I love how close the weightloss community is on there and I'm pretty excited to e on it. Only one problem, I never really asked how he feels about it, so I might be taking it down and just blogging on here.. we shall see. Umm So I still havent gotten those Jillian Michaels books BUT my dad bought me "Eat This Not That, supermarket survival guide" and Jillian Michaels 30 day shred! woot woot! So yeah I did the video today and it was pretty hard but definitely do-able! I'm so excited! So I'll be doing that for he next 30 days! and I'm going to try to get up butt early and still get my miles in @ the gym. So hopefully I can finally move out of the 160's!!! FOR GOOD! I will be weighing myself on Wednesdays now, and posting new videos that day on youtube aswell. So if you're interested in waching my goofy butt.. yeah! there you go!

Thanks for reading!! <3

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