Saturday, March 14, 2009

Quick update!!

I made a video on youtube. And I've lost 5lbs over the last two weeks! WOOT WOOT! So there! Even though this past week wasnt as good as it couldve been i still LOST! So yeah I'm excited to say the least! This week I'm busting butt! I'm going to burn @least 650 cals this week and do strength training! hmm... oh yeah.. I joined a gym!! its awesome I love it! It has a daycare so I can go whenever I want!! And two of my friends go there too! Alright I'll write more later! thanks for reading!!

<3 Violet


  1. Hooray! The gym is like therapy for the Chub Club. Makes you feel powerful, huh? Congrats on the loss and thanks for following over on girl-zilla!