Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Weight wise.. nothings changed.. I lost lb and then some how I found it again. GRrr. Its okay though, I know I'm working hard and eventually I'll be where I want to be. I've been making more videos. Most recently I made one about my muffin top. Yeah. Anyways though, I've been neglecting my poor little blog. So I thought I'd write a little bit about what I've been doing. I bought a mini 4 subject notebook and have been writing down all my exercise. Its pretty cool.. I like it anyway. Here's the first page.. thats full anyway.

Oh and I joined a fitness challenge on YT too. Its the 100 day fitness challenge. Basically I gotta do at least 30 min of exercise daily for, you guessed it, a 100 days! I'm hoping Ill start dropping some weight soon. I mean I have dropped 20 lbs since December but I don't know I just wish I could snap and be fit. I'm thinking about doing the master cleanse. Ever heard of it? Well I really want to do it. I think it'll be a nice boost for my body..and mind for that matter. Since I'm hoping I'll lose a couple lbs while doing it. Also I think I haven't been losing any weight due to the fact that I've been UBER stressed. My husbands going to quit his job soon. So many reasons why and I cant really write about them but yeah. So that.. And I'm going to be working being the bread winner. The woMAN bringing home the bacon.. I'm freaked out. But I know that we need to do this if we want good things to happen.... YIKES! At least I know for sure that this job is a for sure thing.. and I doubt my employers will ever get rid of me.. being that I am their favorite daughter in law!! haha I'll be like the care-taker for my sis in law.. (She has Downs) Any hoot I'm stressed but excited... Sorry I'm pretty sure I rambled a lot but I need to write something down. I'm about to go do my 30 day shred video. I don't want to do it but I'm pretty much ready to be shredded already. SHEESH. I love Jillian Michaels. And I'll leave it at that. Thanks for reading if you made it this far!! <3

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