Thursday, February 19, 2009

Stuck in a rut!

But I'm comin out of it slowly but surely!! So let me semi recap my last week or so... Valentines day wasnt that bad, I eat well the entire day. My husband was to work all night but he got off early ( 9pm) So I ran around the kitchen like a crazy person and proceeded to whip up some Italian dressing baked chicken breasts, with a side of broccoli and a side of rice. I doubled up on broccoli and skipped the rice. Anyhoot that was fine and dandy except we ate really late. Bleh! Next mornin I didnt get a work out in and went and had steak and a hefty serving of sauted veggies for dinner at my in-laws. Monday I did work out but only did 1 mile instead of my usual 2, Tuesday was the same thing this time because I woke up late and the hubby had to go to school. Wednesday was my hunny's birthday and we ate a chinese buffet. Thats basically where it has gone down hill from there.. I started out well there, I had a huge salad which was delicious, but temptation most definitely got the best of me. I ended up leavin the place feeling over stuffed to the point of wanting to just throw up! I havent done that in a while! It was gross and you would think that would be the end of it but no.... We went to CiCi's Pizza yesterday and I ate like the old me. I wish that girl was just dead and gone for good! Grrrr...

So I'm planning on getting up at the crack of dawn and getting a full hr on the treadmill tomorrow which means actually getting up when my alarm goes off and not hitting that damn snooze button! This weekend I'm going to start my Slim in Six work out videos. I need something else to keep me motivated, I'm guessin just doin the treadmill is boring me and thats why I've been eating like I have and just been in a slump. Oh and the fact that the scale isnt going down a lot. I mean I've been going up and down 5 lbs for the last 2-3 weeks and its driving me insane! I'm ordering a couple of Jillian Michaels' books and hoping that she can kick my butt in gear because I'm doing a pretty crap job of it!! thanks for reading my rambles if you've made it this far!!

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  1. Hey you can do this, its ok to get into a slump every now and then, just proves your human. you have what it takes to get back into a grove that you feel is comfortable. i have faith in you you will succed! I'll be here cheering you on