Monday, July 20, 2009

Week Recap!

Woooo.. What a week!

Well lets start off with my weigh-in on saturday :

Woot woot! down .4 from last week!! YAY!

And then for the 15 weeks challenge!

We were supposed to do a day of CLEAN EATING, and I did it! I had black coffee for breakfast and heres my lunch and dinner :

Yeah so the pictures wont budge.. GRR.. Anyhoot lunch was eggs with tomoatoes and spinach and lime juice -YUMMOLA!
Dinner was : sweet potato, brocolli, and salmon! another yumm! :)
Also wednesdays challenge was to go outside and run/walk. I do that everyweek but alas I have no pictures because I cant run with my camera or cell phone. Regardless I did do do it! 3 times last week but if I cant count it for the lack of pictures so be it!! <33
Thanks for reading!! <3 God bless!!

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