Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Yeah so I did the tone your triceps work out today. (for the 15 week challenge) Holy Frijole. Seriously my arms hurt now as I type this. She wasnt playing when she made up that workout.

I ran 2 miles this morning with my super hero girlies! <3 I love running with them so much. If it werent for them.. I know I'd be slacking off. Complacent even. But they make me want to push myself. Its awesome! Oh and I also did this little workout clip on youtube. You repeat it 3 times for a 25 minutes workout. That was pretty intense too. If you want a good workout than look up "makingthebest09" on YT.

I've been taking clips of my day everyday and I plan to make a different style of video for my weigh in on saturday. I'm kinda excited. lol I'm probable going to record myself doing some sort of work out here @ home to add to it.

alright peeps I'm out!

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