Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I layed in bed last night talking to my husband about my plan to do the fast-5 diet. Yeah, he's totally not cool with it. I dont know what to do now... He is my husband, and I dont want to do anything that goes against his wishes. He's basically saying that no matter what the site says its just starving yourself. Grrr. And here I thought since he LOVES science he'd be all about it. Yeah. Not.So.Much. So whats a girl to do?? I'm really torn. I've been practicing the past few days, just trying to delay meals and such. And I've lost a couple pounds doing so. I mean I'm sure it'll work. I just dont want my husband to be angry or really concerned. Which he is now. He made it a point to say make sure you EAT! today as he walked out the door for work just now.

I woke up late this morning because my baby girl decided to wake up @ 4:30am for a bottle. Anyways, late or not I still went running! And we did 3 miles. I gotta be honest, after the 1st mile I wanted to give up!! Felt sick and dizzy.. NO FUN!! But I kept on trucking! Finished them all and felt great after. I've noticed that since we started running outside.. I just can't get into it on the treadmill anymore.

Alright my girls are in a desperate attempt for attention.. gotta go!

I'll update later.. I really would like some feedback on the fast-5 issue ( hint hint Paula :) ) THANKS!!

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  1. I can understand your Husband's concerns, especially in light of things you've shared with me (prayer requests). As a Christian Wife you must be submissive to your Husband. My suggestion would be to ask him to read the Fast-5 material and let him know it was written by a doctor and his wife is also a physician. See their website in the "about" section. Also, this way of eating would only be temporary for you to lose the weight. Maintenance says you can increase your meals...check the ebook for more details. I'm here to support and pray for you no matter your decision. I am so glad you're blogging, since I'm leaving for real this time. I wish more vloggers would blog. Love you pretty chica.