Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Alrighty than...

So it begins. I dont know how many times I've said it but I need to get my booty in gear!! Tomorrow I will start the fast-5 "diet". I'm so excited! I'm going to do it no matter what cuz I have a cruise for SURE in august and I gotta lose as much weight as possible before then. And I'm gonna be running a lot more again. I did 3 miles this morning and will be getting up with my favorite running partners (my best girlies *wonderwoman*,& *superwoman*) BTW I've been dubbed Susan storm. Because of my ability to disapear when I'm actually supposed to be waking up and running!! LOL. Thats alright though cuz shes hot! LOL YEAH!! Needless to say, I will no longer be using that super power guys!! I promise to be visible and running along side my girlies everytime they go!! And if they dont go, I'm vowing to atleast hit my little mini gym in the apartments and do the elliptical, oh and after my runs I'm gonna do some light weights! I'm scared the fasting will deplete my big muscles I've been working on. hehe. Yeah so thats the low down.. you are all officially up to date.. EXCEPT.. you dunno how much I weigh.. hmm...

I weighed in this morning @ 144lbs!! YAY! So thats freaking terrific but I wanna be atleast 135 when I leave! So thats my goal! Also I'm going to be posting here more regularly because it'll keep me more accountable. I've been doing my videos but it takes so much time to make and edit videos.. I figure I'll just update this more now. Yeah so thats that!! Look forward to daily updates from me here on out atleast till I reach 135lbs.. and than maybe longer who knows!! <3

Thanks for reading! GOD BLESS!!! <33

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  1. Yippee, you go girl! You are doing totally awesome! We'll both be doing fast-5. Tomorrow is my Day 12 and girlfriend...I'm gonna eat this way for life. It's the easiet thing I've ever done. Love ya mucho!!