Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hip Hip HOORAY!! <3

So much going on right now. I cant even think of where to start!!

Last time I checked in here I'm pretty sure I was 150lbs. Well I lost another 5 lbs! I'm @ 145! Jeepers mister!! Thats flippin awesome! I'm officially in the 140's and I'm ecstatic! I've lost 30 lbs since December. I'm so proud of me. haha I'm gonna find two pictures to compare my face and such. hmm..

Grr for some reason it isnt showing up! I'll try that again later.

In August we're taking a family vacation to Miami. Well the hubby and I just planned everything out and as soon as I finish this blog I'm buying our tickets!! yay! I'm so excited!! We're going to spend two full weeks there. My mom and sister and basically all my moms side of the family lives there so we're gonna have my mom and sis to meet us in Ft. Lauderdale and we're going to stay there for 3/2nights on the beach @ a resort. My mom and sis are gonna babysit the girls so my hunny and I can have much needed alone time! And what can beat alone romantical time on the beaches of florida?! NOTHING!! Then, we're going to Orlando for another 3/2 nights and ofcourse go to Disney World <3 My most favorite place on earth. THEN, we're going to go on our first ever Cruise.. to the BAHAMAS!! Granted its only a 2 day cruise but WHATEVS! I'm going to the Bahamas!! So we gotta go get Passports!! but more importantly, I gotta lose these last 25 lbs!! ASAP!! I want amazing pictures from this vacay! It'll be our first ever REAL family vacation! I'm so excited!I know I've said that like ten times but I AM! hehehe

Also *~*~

For those believers out there, please pray for my little sister Jackie, She's going through ridiculously hard times right now. Shes graduating next month and she really needs to get out of Miami, but theres so much more to this story that I cant get into. Just please pray for her. For strength and wisdom. And the power to speak what shes feeling. For her healing and for her to grow a hunger for the Lord, because at this momment she REALLY needs him! Thanks so much! God bless!! <33

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